• 90% of Advisors who attended Conference 2012 are still active with lia sophia®
  • You are 20 times more likely to promote if you attend Conference
  • Conference attendees made more than 5 times as much as those who did not attend
  • Invest in your business, invest in your future

Get set for our best training yet!

Our courses have a new focus this year – more sessions covering a wider variety of topics. And, you get to choose! Sessions will be presented by some of lia sophia’s top Leaders.

  • 3 Levels of Core Training
  • Plus Electives
  • Design your track based on your business level and areas of interest
  • NO pre-registration is necessary, but arrive early as space is limited
  • Many classes will be offered more than once

are designed for Advisors and will cover the essentials of building a successful lia sophia business. We recommend taking all three 100-level classes plus three electives.

• Increasing your Bookings through Networking
• Reducing Cancellations/ Increasing Show Success
• The Why's & How's of Recruiting
• Dreaming of Leadership
• Bookings - Success is in 
the Details

are recommended for Unit & future Unit Leaders. and will cover frequently requested topics appropriate for this Leader level. We recommend taking all three 200-level classes plus a mix of three electives and 100-level classes.

• Balancing Your Personal Life and Your Business
• Growing your Organization with Team Recruiting
• It’s All There – Unit Leader Reports Tell the Story of
Your Business

are appropriate for our Division Leaders and higher. We recommend taking all five classes plus one elective.

• Successful Team Meetings, Events & Recognition
• Leading a Large Organization
• It’s All There – Unit Leader Reports Tell the Story of 
Your Business
• Coaching your Team to the top

have broad appeal and are appropriate for any Advisor or Leader.

• Business building opportunities(Expos/Fairs/
Fundraisers )
• Leveraging Social Media to expand your Business
• Effective Time Management Strategies

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